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14 bridges in the first term of the year 2008

The company pml has built 14 bridges in the first term of the year 2008. It is now the most successfully term in the young history of the pml bridges and confirms the positive trend in this branch.
Click here to see the bridges built in 2008.

aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_2008-06-19_06-1170_Einschwen_002.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_06-1141_REHBURG_2008-03-20_E.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_IMG_0064.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_07-1365_BOTANS_2008-02-15_Ei.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_GrandToulouse10.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_Battenheim6.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_Bootsteg100_0182.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_07-1540_ROTH_2008-05-16_Eins.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_07-1432_KREFELD_2008-01-29_M.jpg
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