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Beijing - project on time

In the nights 11.-13th of May pml china has moved the first bridges onto the foundations in Beijing.

With the help of a professional carrier the bridges were moved millimeter by millimeter under a building millimeter to the place 1 km away.Due to a small time-frame of only 4 hours per night, for two nights were needed for the transport. The roads had to be blocked and the electriticy had to be cut off.The bridges were moved onto on the foundation within 4 hours.

We are very proud of the excellent work of the whole team.

By the mid of June 2008 all bridges will be moved onto the foundations and the order will be executed.

We are especially proud of the fact that we are worldwide the first and only company which can handle a project in such a dimension and volume. The project consists of 7 bridges with a total area of 3,000qm and a total weight of 400tons. The biggest part of the project is a bridge with a free span of 38m, a total length of 65m with a width of 8m and a weight of 65to. The total contract value is 5.5 Mio. €.

pml Beijing/ Singen, 15.05.2008

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