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Finished! Both pedestrian bridges in China were handed over to the public.

Hangzhou 1

Comprising a main bridge with a length of 40.38 m and a clear width of 3.5 m and four side bridges with lengths between 15.7 m and 27.1 m and a clear width of 3.2 m, the entire length of the bridge structure is 124 m. The bridge surface is 412 sqm. The walking surface is coated with polyurethane; double escalators provide access at the four side arms.

Hangzhou 2

The structure has an entire surface of 221 sqm and consists of a 37m long self-supporting flyover over Huangcheng Street and descending double stairs on both sides.
The bridge has a clear width of 3m, the stairs are respectively 1.8m wide. An interesting feature is the guardrail cover made of glass.

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