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Major order in Bejing

Before the contract award the municipal building commission of the district Xidan had aluminium bridges tested most carefully which were comparable to those from PML. The static load tests with filled sandbags were rather unusual in this connection.

At the inauguration ceremony of the Hungarian production facilities, Mr Seussler, partner and managing director of pml, could announce the largest individual order for bridges in the history of pml: four bridges near the Forbidden City with a volume of 5.5 billion Euros.

Minimum maintenance costs and short installation time convinced the Chinese customers

According to Helmut Güsten, Managing Director of pml China, the bridges will be built in the middle of the tourist centre along the North Xidan Avenue, a very busy main road, approximately 800 metres away from the main entrance to the Forbidden City, and are scheduled to be completed by spring 2008.

Thanks to the first two aluminium bridges in Asia, which pml had built in the million-resident metropolis Hangzhou, and the great public interest – newspapers and radio stations from several countries reported on the construction –, pml also caught the attention of the city fathers of Bejing.
Main arguments here included the short installation time, quick swivelling-in on site, which ensures that obstruction in traffic flow is kept at a minimum, and the fact that the bridges are almost maintenance-free.

The Beijing General Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute (BMEDI) will plan and supervise the project. Prior to the awarding of the contract, the customer, which is the municipal building commission of the Xidan district, arranged for extensive tests of comparable pml aluminium bridges. The tests were stricter and the requirements even higher than in Europe.

The four bridges for Bejing will have a span of between 15 and 40 metres and will be between three and eight metres wide. And this is a new record for pml bridges: until now, the maximum width had been four metres. Close to the Bank of China, which was designed by international star architect Mingleoh Pei from New York, the pml aluminium bridge will replace an only a few years old, but already rusty steel bridge.

Assembly of the bridges is to start in July. In spring 2008, the first pedestrian will then walk across the structures.

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