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New Bridge in Baccarat, France, 2010. Length 32.2 m, width 3.82 m

Before the eyes of several hundred spectators and important personalities of the city of Baccarat (amongst others Ms. Josette Renaux (Mayoress of Baccarat), Mr. Christian Noel (Technical Manager City of Baccarat), Mr. Michel Boquel (President CCVC), Mr. David Begnene (Vice President CCVC), Mr. Jean-Luc Demande (Vice President CCVC), Mr. Christian Gex (Vice President CCVC), Ms. Rose-Marie Falque (Vice President CCVC), Mr. Philippe Saffrey (Sous-préfet) and Mr. Eric Brient (Director Baccarat S.A.) today the architecturally stunning aluminium bridge has been swivelled in within a few minutes in the beautiful inner city of Baccarat.
After this the CCVC (Communauté de Commune de la Vallée du Crystal) invited to a reception with hors d'oeuvres and beverages.
The whole team of PML GmbH wants to take the opportunity to thank all people who have contributed to this project - RICHERT GENIE CIVIL (the construction company), the City of Baccarat and its responsible employees, the CCVC and the planning office PMM for their very good cooperation, their hospitality and the confidence they showed in PML GmbH. We wish all habitants und users much pleasure when crossing this bridge.

aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_baccarat_0985.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_baccarat142.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_baccarat052.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_baccarat157.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_baccarat255.jpg
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