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New bridge in Bellenkamp, Ruhr-University Bochum, 44777 Bochum

The bridge consisting of three parts and assembled on a steel arch has been assembled on its bearings by crane in the presence of the mayor, residents, local media and television on the 28th of September 2010. The surface platform of the bridge is PU-coated, an electric lighting is integrated in the hand rail. The balustrade is natural anodized and has a stainless steel rope cover.

aluminium-bridge_09-2340_20100928_7.jpg aluminium-bridge_09-2340_20100928_8.jpg aluminium-bridge_09-2340_20100928_11.jpg aluminium-bridge_09-2340_20100928_x.jpg aluminium-bridge_09-2340_20100928_xx.jpg
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