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New bridge over the Burbach at Langenfeld, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany

On 25 January 2012 the new bridge over the Burbach in 40764 Langenfeld was swung into place.
It was now finally possible for the residents of the Karpfenweg district to reach the popular recreational area around Richrather Lake by a direct route.
The PML assembly team was awaited equally anxiously and greeted with coffee and cakes.
It had been necessary to take down the wooden bridge that had been in place previously because it had become unsafe after only 17 years.

This is a pml R-System bridge with a length of 6.5 m and a clear width of 2.5 m. The bridge is equipped with an anodised filled rod balustrade and slip resistant running surface.

Because of the very tight local conditions around the approach the bridge was lifted straight off the lorry with a loading crane fixed to the vehicle and onto its foundations. This was only possible because of the light weight of the aluminium construction.
A comparable bridge of steel would have brought about decidedly higher costs for the contractors and clients because they would have needed a larger crane.

aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_Abnahme_5.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_LAbnahme_5.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_LAbnahme_6.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_Abnahme_2.jpg
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