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Pedestrian bridge over the Hornbach at Zweibrücken

Pedestrian bridge over Hornbach at Zweibrücken (RP) 11-2811
sL-System, length: 22m, clear width: 2.50m. The balustrade is natural anodized and has a stainless steel rope cover with blade railing.

The arrival of the bridge was long awaited.
It was opened on the morning of 3 November 2011 to the applause of the population and in the presence of the local press. The existing bridge had been torn down at the end of 2010 and had been much used.
Now the residents can finally cross the river again without having to make long detours to go shopping, etc.

aluminium-bridge_Zweibruecken34.jpg aluminium-bridge_Zweibruecken36.jpg aluminium-bridge_Zweibruecken37.jpg
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