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The new R-System: 2 bridges at Herrlisheim

The new R-System is made of a bumper bracket and a bearing rust. The walking platform is made of aluminium profiles which are placed crossway. The horizontal filled rods and the handrail are made of round aluminium pipes. The R-System bridges are, to absorb the changing of temperature, on the one side fixed with fix bearings and on the other side with floating bearings. The two bridges in Herrlisheim are PU-coated and under the filled rods she is equipped with a perforated metal plate.

aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_Herrlisheim0041.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_Herrlisheim0514.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_Herrlisheim0009.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_Herrlisheim0025.jpg aluminium-pedestrian-bridge_Herrlisheim0039.jpg
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